Variations: Jon Doran Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: December 14th | 6-8 PM


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Abend Gallery is proud to present a highly anticipated solo exhibition by internationally renowned, award-winning artist, Jon Doran.

Doran, who is based in Cornwall, United Kingdom, in his work explores classical themes through a digitally influenced and fragmented approach to oil painting, also becoming known as disrupted realism.

Jon’s most recent floral paintings have been an exploration in multiple painting processes. Always the primary interest for this artist is the exploration in the visual language of painting – he wants to find out how changing the techniques employed to address a subject fundamentally changes the final proposition of a work.

Doran’s choice of subject isn’t reasoned but is rather guided by intuition—he looks to see where his natural inclination might take him. He shares, “Through this repeated process, I’ve noticed that there is always a certain quietness in the subjects I choose—it’s a type of reflective or contemplative quality I search for in my subjects. Morandi’s bottles are a helpful signpost in this pursuit and my cup paintings would be a direct homage to his paintings.”

Contemplating what attracts him to pursue his floral subjects he reflects, “(they have) the subtle tonal and chroma changes available. This interplay between light and shade, warm and cool, soft and sharp, is itself a fascinating pursuit, but its enjoyable to introduce semi-destructive and deconstructive mark making into it. To find a flickering middle ground between subtlety, control and interruption and abstraction is the hope as I mediate between these extremes.”

Painting floral subjects certainly has a rich and heavy tradition behind them, one that initially inspired serious hesitation on Jon’s part to engage with; however, these days he doesn’t let this affect him. In fact, Doran prefers painting a subject with a weight of tradition behind it. “Although it’s a subject that has been painted into oblivion, the real challenge is having the subtlety to do them well. The challenge of simply painting well in my view is certainly a valid pursuit for any painter, but further still I suppose for me there is also a desire to work in a fresh manner, to come at age old subjects with a new and contemporary sensibility. It’s my aim to be informed by the past, fully present in the here and now while pressing forwards to new and fresh methodologies.”

Jon Doran is an award-winning, internationally renowned artist, based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Doran received his Bachelors of Art in Hon Fine Art from University College at Falmouth, has studied painting in Florence, Italy and has been exhibiting professionally since 2009. His work can be found in numerous private and public collections internationally.


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