The Development: Justin Wheatley Solo Exhibition

September 1st - September 29th, 2018

Opening reception: September 1st, 6-9pm

It’s nice to be at that moment of life, the one where you are 37 going on 40, living exactly—if not better than—how you had planned. Having a wife, and kids, and a job you love. It’s great. But I can’t help thinking “what if?” What if, instead of living in a seventy-year-old brick cottage on a street that’s sort of attached to a neighborhood, we could live in one of those brand-new neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods that are full of happy people in our same life situation. The ones with parks and running paths and lakes. The ones that have houses built to look like brownstones classic cape cods. What if we could live in Daybreak or Traverse Mountain or Holladay Quarter?

This body of work is my own way of dealing with the reality that our neighbors are old and so are their houses. It is, to me, both humorous and sincere. As much as I don’t want to be part of those Disney-like developments, wouldn’t it be nice?

In the work, the homes are synonymous to people. Some have thin facades and are in search of depth or a foundation. Some crowd together in cliques. Some are content on their own. They desperately try to be different yet are so very similar to each other. They all stand by the virtues of their own development.


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