Small Works

May 27 - June 30


An online-only exhibition featuring small works, mostly 12 x 16" or less. 


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Participating artists: 3rd Verson, Michele Bajona, Donna Bates, Raymond Bonilla, Morgan Cameron, Lorenzo Chavez, Mary Chiaramonte, Christopher Clark, Bud Cook, Elena Degenhardt, Marina Dieul, Matthew Alfonso Durante, Ed Fairburn, Shannon Fannin, Irene Georgopoulou, Cody Jimenez, David Kammerzell, Francien Krieg, Shawn Krueger, John Lally, Shelli Langdale, Shana Levenson, Rhonda Libbey, Claudia Martucci, Patrick Maxcy, Yvonne Melchers, Ann Moeller Steverson, Karen Offut, Omalix, Christopher Remmers, Rob Rey, Pegah Samaie, Kirsten Savage, Beth Sistrunk, Timothy Standring, Tyler Streeter, Terry Strickland, Shawn Sullivan, Matt Talbert, Daniela Velez, Narelle Zeller,