Curated by Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington. 

The painter’s palette is the simplest of tools, a humble plane of potential biding unseen and unremarked behind images and ideas both soaring and deep.

On June 15, however, that unassuming servant of the artist’s ideal will rise from the paintspattered studio and onto the light-splashed gallery wall as Abend Gallery christens its innovative new Wazee Street location with “Palette,” an extraordinary exhibition revealing the magnificence that lies just beneath the surface of the mundane. Layered with the bright echoes of masterpieces long complete, those unlikely canvases have been thoughtfully amplified by many of the country’s most celebrated painters until they resound with glorious expression that speaks as eloquently of each artist’s creative method as to their artistic gifts.

Liz Adams-Jones, James Adelman, Erin Anderson, Steven Assael, Daniel Bilodeau, Luis Borrero, Maya Brodsky, Charis J. Carmichael Braun, Zach Brown, Sue Bryan, Garrett Cook, April Coppini, Diana Corvelle, Benjamin Craig, Cara DeAngelis, Dimitri Desiron, Michelle Doll, Daniel Doubrovkine, Heidi Elbers, Christian Fagerlund, Shauna Finn, Julien Gardair, Nick Gebhart, Jennifer Gennari, Angela Gram, Alonsa Guevara, Andrew Haines, Eben Haines, Joshua Henderson, F Scott Hess, Rafael Hoekstra, Justin Hopkins, Caitlin Hurd, Kieran Ingram, John Jacobsmeyer, Yunsung Jang, Marshall Jones, Kit King, Evan Kitson, Brandy Kraft, Maria Kreyn, James Kroner, Shawn Krueger, Andrew Lenaghan, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Tim Lowly, Daniel Maidman, Brian Mashburn, Adam McGalliard, Anna Mogilevsky, Tun Myaing, Jessica Pisano, Kim Power, James Raczkowski, Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund, Matt Rota, Nicolas Sanchez, Denis Sarazhin, Raphael Sassi, Victoria Selbach, Josh Suda, Maria Teicher, Mark Trujillo, Emilio Villalba, Melanie Vote, John Wellington, John Wentz, Timothy Wilson, Zane York, Miles Yoshida

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