Artists Off Grid - Curated by Caitlin Hurd

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This spring, Abend Gallery has partnered with Artists Off the Grid to present a vibrant and diverse exhibition, curated by Caitlin Hurd, marking the completion of the residency for the eleven artists who participated in the residency.

Artists Off Grid is an independent and non profit artist-in-residence centered in the visual arts located just outside Red Feather Lakes, CO. This residency, off the grid and in the wild, allows residents to experience nature as they create artwork outside for two weeks.

Participating Artists:Charis Charmichael-Braun, Jenya Chernoff, Lindsay Dunnagan, Ivy Hickam, Caitlin Hurd, Lisa Lebofsky, Patricia McInroy,  Hannah Moghbel, Kim Power, Kirsten Savage, and Fabricio Suarez