Fast & Slow: Megan Read Solo Exhibition

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Since most of my work centers around conflicting states of being and relationship with the world, I (like so many artists right now) have felt that it is important to document this strange time of pandemic and isolation and this series is my attempt to do that. While isolation is not at all foreign to me, the experience of externally imposed isolation combined with this chaotic and somewhat surreal news cycle is wholly new and my hope is that the paintings in this series can convey this. They are about this odd moment of slowing down, solitude, and quiet, juxtaposed with a non stop barrage of information, in a world changing more quickly than we can digest, in a time and place that asks us to question what role we are playing in our society. For better or worse.

This work is meant to encapsulate the boredom, drama, and pace of this period. Both fast and slow. -Megan Read