Femmes de Fleurs: Kelly Birkenruth Solo Exhibition

Promo image for Kelly Birkenruth's upcoming solo exhibition

Abend Gallery is proud to present Kelly Birkenruth's latest solo exhibition, opening on September 29th, 2021.

On the surface these paintings seem to be solely about beauty, but I feel that beauty is manifested through emotions and feelings, not just physical characteristics. Humans are complex beings and our emotions are integral to who we are and how we are perceived by others. While the subject of each painting does indeed feature a beautiful woman, I chose to dig deeper and showcase the predominant personality trait I saw as I painted each one of them. I then paired the flower I felt best embodied that emotion, all the while realizing that the complexities and dualities in each person are undeniable. I also used various juxtapositions in the paint handling, such as hard and soft edges and smooth and rough paint application. My goal was to further reveal the discord and harmony of our personalities, which is what makes us fundamentally human. -Kelly Birkenruth 



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