Ifeoluwa Alade Debut Solo Exhibition

IFEOLUWA ALADE solo show promo banner

Nigerian artist, Ifeoluwa  Alade, paints what he can not communicate in words; those things that are better expressed in a gesture, a color, a simple line. Alade works in oil and water medias and refers to the underlying philosophy behind his works as “Araism,” the uniquely African art movement conceived by artist Mufu Onifade in 2006. According to Onifade, Araism is an authentic African painting technique based on the word “ara,” which can be found in many dialects throughout Africa and refers to lightening (illumination), wonder, sensuality, and madness.

Alade studied art at Obafemi Awolowo University and recognizes instructor Jonathan Imafidor, a successful artist in his own right, as a great influence and friend who remains a steadfast mentor.


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