April 6th - April 27th, 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, April 6th, 6-8pm

Raymond Bonilla, Todd Carpenter, James Van Fossan, Shawn Krueger, Jane Hunt, Trey McCarley, Gage Opdenbrouw, Brian Sostrom, JC Spock & Seth Winegar

Abend Gallery is excited to announce the opening of their latest exhibition, “Horizons”. This group exhibition will feature work by nine landscape painters, each bringing a distinct stylistic perspective.

From JC Spock’s quiet, vintage-inspired imagery reminiscent of a family road trip, Raymond Bonilla’s mesmerizing landscapes exploring memory and human experience, to the vibrant and stormy skies of Brian Sostrom—each artist delivers his or her version of the horizon from differing vantage points, but together they present a diverse and intriguing survey of this beautiful, natural place where sky and earth meet.

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