A Moment in Time: Heiko Mattausch Solo Exhibition

December 15th -  December 29th, 2018

Opening reception: December 15th, 6-9pm

This December, Abend Gallery presents a solo exhibition, “A Moment in Time”, by Heiko Mattausch—a contemporary urban landscape painter from Leipzig, Germany.


Inspired by people, nature and the link between the two, Mattausch paints quotidian scenes of life surrounding him. Exploring the urban landscape, the buildings, street corners and city inhabitants, this artist finds extraordinary qualities and marvelous moments in everyday life; the scenes that live in our periphery, as we race to get to the next place:


“You can pass an ordinary urban, rural or figurative scene a thousand times and nothing special happens. You pass it for the 1001st time, and suddenly, the light has changed, or the season, or you are there at night, and the appearance is full of wonderful colours. And I am desirous of painting that. These are the wonders, which occur every day.”


Mattausch’ artistry in painting his everyday subjects is nothing of the ordinary. Known for his distinct style, encompassing both, realism and abstraction, his technical mastery of oil painting is breathtaking, while the character of the color palette he uses is a marvel of its own.