Endless Colorado: David Shingler Solo Exhibition

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In this series of paintings I wanted to focus on the expansive beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I hoped to capture the feeling that there’s so much to explore and never enough time to see it all. For my subjects, I chose iconic locations that many viewers will have a connection to. Even though these are more trekked on places, they will never lose their inspiration! In my own experience visiting these sites, I am always captivated by the many surrounding colors. ‘Colorado’, the Spanish adjective meaning red, is a reflection of the power of the rich natural colors in this part of the country. My attention to color was important to me while making this series. From the Great Sand Dunes located in the very heart of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, all the way to Rocky Mountain National Park -this beauty deserves to be painted!

David Shingler holds a BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art and was chosen to receive the highly prized First Agnes Gund Traveling Scholarship for international travel. David has exhibited work in Montana, Wyoming, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Houston, Colorado and North Carolina. David has been featured in a number of publications including American Art Collector, Southwest Art magazine, Western Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Western Art & Architecture and Colorado Life magazine. He was named to Southwest Art magazine's "21 under 31" list of the best new artists in the country. He currently resides in North Carolina with his wife Grace and two daughters Ruby and Daisy. Inspired broadly by the dramatic landscapes of the West, all the way to the open fields and ocean vistas of the East coast, David integrates these influences into his own personal technique and painting style. Shingler’s oil paintings are not photorealistic, but they create a sense of depth and energy that make viewers feel they are there. Shingler is prolific in his work and paints a diverse subject matter consisting primarily of landscapes, but also including cityscapes and figurative works. David specializes in painting oil on wood panels, which he personally builds.

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