Chasing Light: Kirsten Savage Solo Exhibition

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Kirsten Savage’s oil paintings are about contemplation and connection. As an avid world traveler and experienced backpacker, she continually seeks out beautiful spaces and moments in time that offer the gift of quiet observation. In college, Kirsten had a painting teacher that would walk behind the students saying, “Paint the light. Paint the light!” That voice is still strong in her mind whether she is painting a figure in her home studio, the sun setting in the Rocky Mountains, or the play of cool light and warm shadows in a far-flung corner of the world.


“If we wish to anthropomorphize light in an effort to understand what really illuminates us, we could do so by investigating human emotion: longing, need, desperation, courage, loss, love, redemption. If you look into the world that Kirsten Savage is painting, you will see all of these emotions. And then, you will see the light." — Jonathan Bitz, Denver Syntax Magazine


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