Abend Gallery presents “Animalia”, a beautiful glimpse into the wonders of the animal kingdom. The artists present stunningly rendered portraits, captivating settings, and impeccable technique, allowing us a close look at the wonders of the natural and imagined fauna.

Humans have a long-standing history of fascination, curiosity, companionship and admiration when it comes to their interactions with the animal world. Mankind has been fascinated by animals and their ways since the beginning of time. Art history reflects this curiosity with extensive examples of this fascination. Some of the earliest examples of art are the cave drawings of Lascaux depicting equines, deer, cattle, bison, birds and human figures.

Animals have represented gods in various Greco-Roman mythology and belief systems, where features of various creatures have been added to man to create strong and powerful hybrid beings and have acted as symbols for different virtues like loyalty, wisdom, and generosity. Our relationships with animals are based on our understanding of them, and without a true ability to communicate back, animals remain mysterious, never fully obtainable. We observe them and create profiles of characteristics that relate to our own. We transpose our emotions and responses onto them to comprehend what can’t be communicated. In this exhibition, meditations on animals, our perceptions of them, how they affect us, and more, are brought about by a myriad of artists.

This exhibition reveals the insight that no matter what the setting, style or technique, the use of animals as subject matter continues to be engaging and important in the realm of art. The role they play in our lives as companions, or as creatures we observe from afar, their sense of mystery and beauty continues to inspire artists and captivate viewers.

Participating artists:

3rd Version, Dina Brodsky, Phoenix Chan, Morgan Cameron, Jon Ching, Christopher Clark, Marina Dieul, Stuart Dunkel, Thorgrimur Einarsson, Dana Hawk, Cody Jimenez, Criminy Johnson, Lindsey Kustusch, Shelli Langdale, Claudia Martucci, Gina Matarazzo, Patrick Maxcy, Ryan Morse, Josie Morway, Alexandrea Pangburn, Rob Rey, Jess Wathen, Michele Kortbawi Wilk, Zane York