Alexandra Manukyan Solo Exhibition

Alexandra Manukyan Solo Exhibition promo banner

Abend Gallery is proud to present Alexandra Manukyan's first solo exhibition with the gallery, opening on June 9th, 2021. 


Artist Statement:

In all of my paintings, the viewer is rewarded with new worlds to explore. First, you are invited to learn the story of the figures. Their expressive postures are enhanced by beautiful outfits and jewelry, most of which were also made by myself. I combine heavy with soft, rigid with fluid to create a dramatic union of contrasts that invoke a sense of compelling wonder. The women are strong and sensual, depicting the balance of grace and power.

As you venture closer to the canvas, the figures melt away and become a landscape of expressive, emotional, and energetic brushstrokes. Thick impasto becomes heavy contours to explore in the light, delicate skin of the figures. Traditional oil painting techniques give way to moments of stark emotion. Look closely; truths and confessions are found in the brushstrokes.

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