60/60/90: Samantha Buller Solo Exhibition

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In years past, 60/60/90 was titled The 60/60/60 Challenge- a group of 60 small paintings, completed in approximately 60 minutes each, over the course of 60 days. This challenge for myself is a chance to develop my quick painting skills and a way to find balance between the loose painterly feel that I enjoy so much, and the more refined large works that I continue to pursue. I revel in the freedom a 60 minute painting can bring- I am forced to make quick decisions and to use deliberate mark making, a very energetic experience. In addition, this concept also gives me the opportunity to put affordable art into the world, while continuing to support myself as an artist and contributing to our family of three.

The subject matter I pursue is mostly still-life and landscape, with a few figurative pieces mixed in. This allows me to stay absorbed over the duration of the challenge and truly enjoy each new small painting with a fresh start. Color, along with a strong sense of light are what inspire me, with the hopes of bringing beauty to simplicity in every day objects or scenes.

2020 had different plans (as it did for everyone) and this year’s 60/60/60 turned into 60/60/90. Yes, it took 90 days this year to complete, as we navigated through the first half of the year, but 60 paintings were still completed and I love the almost installation-type feel created by showing them all together in one space. - With gratitude, Samantha Buller