5x5 Project VIII

In our eight iteration of the 5x5 Project, we have partnered with Artefex to provide the 5x5" panels for our artists to paint on.

Participating artists: Adam Burke, Phoenix Chan, Ed Fairburn, Robin Hextrum, Steven E. Hughes, Aiden Kringen, Cody Jimenez, Kit King, Joshua Lawyer, Bernard Lee, Shana Levenson, Claudia Martucci, Patrick Nevins, Oda, Megan Read, Christopher Remmers, Devin Michael Roberts, and Matt Talbert

From our friends at Artefex:

Why use outdated materials that have well documented drawbacks? At Artefex, we believe that artwork is meant to last. This makes us unpopular with restoration artists, but we are willing to take that risk.


Artefex Panels are built on rigid composite materials—two strong sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core. The unique composition of these 3 mm (1/8") panels makes them lightweight, dimensionally stable and strong. Artefex Panels are not affected by humidity changes or temperature fluctuations, even during shipping. The light weight and thin profile of these panels makes them ideal for plein air and studio painting. They transport easily and store perfectly in tight spaces.

Think of Artefex Panels as insurance to protect the value of your work.


See how Artefex Panels Are made on the Artefex YouTube Channel.


Please visit the Artefex website and use code abend15 to try Artefex panels and get 15% off your order.


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