Yael Maimon


Yael Maimon
Yael Maimon was born in Israel in 1980. Drawing and painting since forever, Maimon decided to be fully committed to her art in her early twenties. In 2003 she graduated from Bar Ilan University with a first degree B.A. in Psychology. Her art education includes studying with the oil painter Amnon David Ar in 2005-6 in Israel, attending Margaret Dyer's pastel workshop in France and Eugen Chisnicean's watercolor workshop in France. Maimon has been working on a series of cat-paintings. She volunteered at an animal rescue center and today at her home still taking care and saving abandoned kittens. "Cats are now my first circle of close friends. I love them and they give me daily inspiration. Cats are very intelligent creatures, they are simply fascinating animals". For her, it's both fun and a challenge trying to capture their facial expressions, gestures and body language on canvas or paper. Maimon enjoys painting in a variety of media including oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Although best known for her Cats series, Maimon is also working on a magical figurative series called Once Upon a Time and a still-life Pastry series. She likes "playing" with the colors and constantly experimenting. In her work process there's always room for improvisation and spontaneity. Although grounded in realism, Maimon's paintings are often impressionist in nature. Her artwork was featured in collective art exhibitions in Israel, gained international recognition and has been bought by private collectors. Selected Awards 2016 1st Place award winner, The Artist's Magazine's All Media Competition, Pastel category 2016 Merit Award, NOAPS Online International Fall Exhibition 2016 Honorable Mention, 33rd Annual Art Competition, Animal category, The Artist's Magazine. 2016 2nd Place award winner, Animal/Wildlife category, 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, Pastel Journal 2016 Honorable Mention, Figure category, 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, Pastel Journal 2016 People's Choice Award, Jackson's Art supplies' 2016 Portrait Competition 2016 Winner of The Art of Watercolour "Readers Competition" 2016 Winner of AcrylicWorks 4: Captivating Color book competition 2016 Jack Richeson & Co. Award, ISAP 7th Annual International Online Open Show 2016 Winner of Splash 18: Value | Light & Dark book competition 2015 Honorable Mention, The Artist's Magazine All Media Art Competition: Pastel category 2015 People's Choice Award, Richeson 75 Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2015 Finalist, Richeson 75 Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2015 Winner of Incite 4 book competition 2015 Special Merit Award, 5th Animals Art Competition, online Light, Space & Time Gallery 2015 Winner of Splash 17: Inspiring Subjects book competition 2015 3 Honorable Mentions: Animal category, Figure category, Still-life category; 17th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, Pastel Journal 2015 Finalist, The Artist's Magazine 32nd Annual Art Competition 2014 Honorable Mention, Watermedia Showcase competition, Watercolor Artist magazine 2014 Finalist, Artistic Excellence Competition, Southwest Art Magazine 2014 First Place award winner, Animal/Wildlife category, 16th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, Pastel Journal 2014 Honorable Mention, Still-life category, 16th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, Pastel Journal 2014 Winner of Incite 3 book competition 2014 Winner of Strokes of Genius 7 book competition 2014 Finalist, The Artist's Magazine 31st Annual Art Competition 2014 Winner of Splash 16: Exploring Texture book competition 2014 Winner of Incite 2: Color Passions book competition 2013 Honorable Mention, 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, Pastel Journal, April issue 2013 Winner of Strokes of Genius 6 book competition 2013 Finalist, The Artist's Magazine 30th Annual Art Competition. 2013 Honorable Mention, The Artist's Magazine 2013 All Media Art Competition: Watercolor category 2013 Winner of Splash 15: Creative Solutions book competition 2013 Honorable Mention, 14th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, Pastel Journal 2013 Finalist, International Artist Magazine, February/March issue 89. 2012 Meritorious Entry, Richeson 75 International Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2012 3rd Place award winner, Pratique Des Arts magazine, issue #103 2012 Meritorious Entry, Richeson 75 International Pastels 2011 Finalist, Richeson 75 International Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2011 Honorable Mention, Cover Contest, Artist Portfolio Magazine, issue #4 2011 Finalist, Artkudos 2011 Finalist, 1st Semiannual, Modern Art Community 2011 3rd Place award winner, Infinity Art Gallery's international juried Spring Expo 2011