Ryan Morse

Ryan Morse

Ryan Morse is a Denver based freelance artist who received his BFA in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. His artwork is mainly representational with a deep affection for nature, and the human figure.

Select Exhibitions

26th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show, December 2016. Abend Gallery, Denver, CO.
Gameplay, A Tribute to Video Games, November 2016. Helikon Gallery  Denver, CO.
Crimson & Cobalt, October 2016. Sally Centigrade Gallery, Denver, CO.
Before This All Fades Away, July 2016. Sally Centigrade Gallery, Denver, CO.
Contemporary Figuration, June 2016, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO.
Monkey Business, January 2016. Valkerie Gallery, Denver, CO.
Ice Breaker 7, January 2016. Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO.
Screenplay, A Tribute to The Art of Film, October 2015. Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO.
Grimm: Visions of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. June 2015, Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO.
Volume, December, 2014. Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO.
Muses Of Mount Helikon I, 2013. Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO.

Select Publication

5280 Magazine, Guide to Buying (Locally made, Original) Artwork - November 2016
Birdy Magazine, November Issue, Front Cover - 2016
ImagineFX, issue 119, Creative Space; Denver Illustration Salon - 2015
Rooster magazine, Art Talk, double page spread - 2015


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