Norberto Ramirez


Norberto Ramirez
Artist Statement I am Norberto Gonzalez Ramirez Jr. and I live in Denver, Colorado. I am primarily self taught and have painted all of my life. I studied with Florence Academy alumni Nigel Christopher Robertson who not only showed me their techniques and methods but also the alchemy that is producing a painting from scratch, such as making my own paint to building classical frames at BATICAN Framery. I am inspired by the fine arts, specifically figurative, landscape and still-life. Continually practicing realism, impressionism and naturalism as I work only in oils. I passionately portray life through the expression of the human figure, provoking and invoking real, deep emotions while also capturing and studying nature’s beautiful landscapes and ultimately embodying the human experience through the eyes of an artist. I have always been fascinated by the influence that imagery has, how it makes us feel and how it conveys a story externally of what is going on internally. As a child I thought no one cared about art, I drew dinosaurs by myself and was surprised when the kids around me freaked out and asked me to draw them something too. The excitement they showed changed my perspective. I went from drawing dinosaurs to painting portraits to doing murals and finally, falling in love with the fine arts. I am forever enthralled by how art can bring us all down to a single, equal plane of curiosity and fascination and in this we are reminded of being viewers for this moment. I believe in the pursuit of one’s talents, for success and fulfillment comes from a life of passion.,h_400,c_fill/izoik5c3nxiprgbpgu2f.jpg