Nathaniel Evans


Nathaniel Evans
Statement There is a great failure in any faith or ideology that disassociates us from conscience. Faith can be intolerant. Faith can be seductive. Coming from a background of a strict religious upbringing, I create paintings that are ghost stories of faith and ideology. My work attempts to find the heart of the divide between conscience and faith, reaching out with questions that have no answers. Images of believers provide a religious context and act as a vehicle for dialogue about problematic ideology. Anxieties are given form, becoming over-romanticized notions of mortality.​ Education 2010 - 2014 Fine Art, Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA Awards 2014 Academy of Art University, 2nd Place Contemporary Painting Award 2012 Academy of Art University, Frank Lanza Award Solo Exhibitions 2016 "This World Is Not Our Home", Espositivo, Madrid, Spain,h_400,c_fill/vtqdg2q7k5vivtj4rtig.jpg