Ann Gargotto

Ann Gargotto cannot remember a time in her life when she was not involved at some level in art. As a young girl she was deeply influenced by her godmother, Sylvia Thompson, a very successful Chicago artist whom she'd watch paint for hours and then spend many more hours trying to emulate.

Her first formal training was studying at the now defunct Sausalito Arts Center with California artist Edie Davis, experimenting with large canvases and abstract expression. Throughout college and her adult life, Ann has pursued her passion for art as well as having a successful marketing and advertising career. She has been painting steadily since 2000, recently completing year-long classes with influential teachers Kevin Weckbach and Ron Hicks and workshops with Quang Ho, Kim English, Michael Workman and Michelle Torrez.

"I strive for work that is clear in sound visual principles as first taught to me by Quang Ho. I find myself attracted to strong compositions and beautiful subject matter, whether that be a flower arrangement, still life, nude figure or beautiful street scene. I see art as a commitment to mastering the fundamentals and find endless joy in the artistic journey of self-expression."

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