Linda Tracey Brandon

Birds, Book, and Sky, 2013
30 x 48 in (76.20 x 121.92 cm)
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My narrative paintings are an attempt to make sense of the world in a way that connects with people who view my art. They are realistic, yet incorporate mystical, abstract and imaginative elements. I use the human figure to express emotions and I frequently incorporate animals and images from my memory. In this painting I was thinking about the great joy I felt as a child when I was reading a book outside, lost in my own world and in my imagination. I sometimes felt a little lonely, though, so in the painting I put in a dog that would be a constant trusted friend and companion. It is asleep, lost in its own dreams while I look at the clouds and dream of my own future (I’ve always been a cloud watcher and a bird watcher). The village in the distance is taken from a small watercolor sketch I made while in Alsace, France. I have Alsatian ancestry in my distant past and I could never have dreamed while growing up in a small Midwestern city that I would someday have the chance to travel to France. But I did, and I put one of the towns there in this painting of a young person’s dreams and hopes. Like everybody else, some of my dreams came true and some of them didn’t. This painting is a reminder that something good is coming your way and to treasure our space on this precious planet.

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Birds, Book, and Sky by Linda Tracey Brandon

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