Full Spectrum

A showcase of artists with wide-ranging bodies of work,
this exhibition attempts to reflect their varied voices.
The artists in the show were given no limits to the type or style of work
in order to reveal—at least some of—the depth of their creative pursuits.

Mark Andrew Bailey, Aaron Bushnell, Chris Charlebois,
Kirstine Reiner Hansen, Yuriy Ibragimov, Lou Ros,
Britt Snyder, Robert Spooner, Nicolas Uribe, Zack Zdrale

July 28th - Aug 27th, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 28th, 6-9 pm

Mark Andrew Bailey
Mark Andrew Bailey | "Mercantile"Mark Andrew Bailey | "Morning Paper"Mark Andrew Bailey | "Triple Gin"
Aaron Bushnell
Aaron Bushnell | "Sometimes We Dance in the Dark"
Chris Charlesbois
Chris Charlesbois | "Cold Light Rising"Chris Charlesbois | "Over the Island"Chris Charlesbois | "Flicker"Chris Charlesbois | "Out Building"
Kirstine Reiner Hansen
Kirstine Reiner Hansen | "Cherry Delight"Kirstine Reiner Hansen | "Green Leopard (Self Portrait 15)"Kirstine Reiner Hansen | "Mapping the Centurion"Kirstine Reiner Hansen | "Chris (Head)"
Yuriy Ibragimov
Yuriy Ibragimov | "A Change of Thought"Yuriy Ibragimov | "Fearless"Yuriy Ibragimov | "Hidden"Yuriy Ibragimov | "Purple Haze"Yuriy Ibragimov | "Twilight"
Lou Ros
Lou Ros | "Untitled"Lou Ros | "Untitled"
Robert Spooner
Robert Spooner | "Cocoon"Robert Spooner | "Zion Slot Canyon"Robert Spooner | "Blue Fresco"Robert Spooner | "One Enchanted Evening"
Nicolas Uribe
Nicolas Uribe | "Cristina"Nicolas Uribe | "Cristina S"Nicolas Uribe | "Daniela"Nicolas Uribe | "Fernanda"
Zack Zdrale
Zack Zdrale | "Line"Zack Zdrale | "Parade"Zack Zdrale | "Trophy"