Edge of Realism

A highly-anticipated exhibition, now in its third year.
This exhibition is a showcase of work from local, national, and international
artists whose work operates at the margins of realist painting

Kari-Lise Alexander, Jason Avery, Johan Barrios,
Alex Beck, Joshua Carlton, Jacob Dhein, Alpay Efe,
ÞorgrÍmur Einarsson, Nathaniel Evans, Valentin Fischer,
Benjamin Garcia, Adam Lupton, Blake Neubert,
Oda & King, Gage Opdenbrouw, Tammi Otis,
Jane Radstrom, Rob Rey, Nick Runge, Hiroshi Sato,
Che Smith, Britt Snyder, Rashelle Stetman,
Helice Wen, John Wentz, Wendelin Wohlgemuth,
Yoshino, Drew Young, Zack Zdrale

June 23rd - July 23rd, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 23, 6-9 pm

Kari-Lise Alexander
Kari-Lise Alexander | "Almost Real"
Jason Avery
Jason Avery | "And Then They Were Gone (Señorita Remedios)"Jason Avery | "Happy Hours"
Johan Barrios
Johan Barrios | "Untitled"
Alex Beck
Alex Beck | "Cerberus"
Joshua Carlton
Joshua Carlton | "Winter's Teeth"
Jacob Dhein
Jacob Dhein | "Nude in Purple"Jacob Dhein | "Dancer 6"Jacob Dhein | "Dancers in Motion"Jacob Dhein | "Nude in Green and Orange"
Alpay Efe
Alpay Efe | "Amalgamate A.a"Alpay Efe | "Amalgamate A.b"Alpay Efe | "Butterfly A.a"Alpay Efe | "Butterfly A.b"
Þorgrímur Einarsson
Þorgrímur Einarsson | "Icelandic Horse 9: Freymar"Þorgrímur Einarsson | "Figure Study 2"
Nathaniel Evans
Nathaniel Evans | "Rank and File"
Valentin Fischer
Valentin Fischer | "L in Ultramarine"Valentin Fischer | "K in Turquoise"Valentin Fischer | "V in Magenta"Valentin Fischer | "Violet"
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia | "Deep Summer"Benjamin Garcia | "The Quiet Impact"
Adam Lupton
Adam Lupton | "Analysis Paralysis"Adam Lupton | "Fear 06"Adam Lupton | "Fear 12"Adam Lupton | "Fear 13"
Blake Neubert
Blake Neubert | "Ouch"Blake Neubert | "Sacred and Profane"Blake Neubert | "The Called Horse"Blake Neubert | "Shadowy People #1"
Oda & King
Oda & King | "Rebirth"
Gage Opdenbrouw
Gage Opdenbrouw | "Garden #3, 2 Women, Garland of Hours"Gage Opdenbrouw | "Kiss Me Like a Stranger"Gage Opdenbrouw | "Midnight at Midday in the Garden"Gage Opdenbrouw | "Twilight 2, Garland of Hours"
Tammi Otis
Tammi Otis | "The Reluctant Empath of Fertility"
Jane Radstrom
Jane Radstrom | "Hope"Jane Radstrom | "Sam"
Rob Rey
Rob Rey | "Fathom"Rob Rey | "Stardust IV"
Nick V Runge
Nick V Runge | "Cloak"
Hiroshi Sato
Hiroshi Sato | "Double RT4"Hiroshi Sato | "Metal Ship"
Daniel Segrove
Daniel Segrove | "Fatigue"
Britt Snyder
Britt Snyder | "Bend"Britt Snyder | "Rooms"
Rashelle Stetman
Rashelle Stetman | "Like Arrows Her Gaze Pierces"Rashelle Stetman | "She Offered Me Solace but All I Saw Were Stones"Rashelle Stetman | "Submerging Out of Reality"
Helice Wen
Helice Wen | "View"
John Wentz
John Wentz | "Imprint No. 82"
Wendelin Wohlgemuth
Wendelin Wohlgemuth | "Untitled"Wendelin Wohlgemuth | "Untitled"
Yoshino | "WIFE 1"Yoshino | "WIFE 2"
Drew Young
Drew Young | "The Mongrel's Den"Drew Young | "Another Man's Palace"
Zack Zdrale
Zack Zdrale | "N.G. 2"Zack Zdrale | "N.G."Zack Zdrale | "Dissociation II"