Che Leviathan Solo Exhibition

In her debut solo exhibition, Che Leviathan brings her particular aesthetic
to the walls in a wholly original and refreshing manner. Smith has
honed her artistic focus on the genre of realistic figurative painting,
specifically in the punk rock scene. This exhibition of Smithís work provides
an intimate experience for the viewer, allowing them a glimpse into the artistís life
and the people and environments she surrounds herself with.

July 28th - Aug 27th, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 28th, 6-9 pm

Che Smith | "A Cat's Lamentation"Che Smith | "Alondra"Che Smith | "Black No. 1"Che Smith | "Deep Six"Che Smith | "Gemini"Che Smith | "Goodbye Horses"Che Smith | "Hex the System"Che Smith | "Mercyful Fate"Che Smith | "The Serenade Is Dead"Che Smith | "Zangree"Che Smith | "Stephan"Che Smith | "Invocation"Che Smith | "A Ghost Inside"Che Smith | "Lydacaine"Che Smith | "The Coroner"Che Smith | "Untitled"Che Smith | "Ghosts"Che Smith | "Malice"Che Smith | "Seraphine"