Plein Air Artists Colorado 17th Annual National Juried Fine Art Exhibition and Sale Aug 10 - Aug 31, 2013

Opening Reception:
Sat, Aug 10, 5-8 pm

Award Winners

Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb | "Walden Sunset"
Best of Show
Lamya Deeb
"Walden Sunset"

Thumbnail of Damien Gonzales  | "Tsegi Overlook"
1st Place Signature
Damien Gonzales
"Tsegi Overlook"

Thumbnail of Cary Hansen's "Hildebrand Ranch I"
1st Place Associate
Cary Hansen
"Hildebrand Ranch I"

Thumbnail of Lori Putnam's "Goldie Docks"
2nd Place
Lori Putnam
"Goldie Docks"

Thumbnail of Jeannie Breeding | "Sunlight on Snow"
3rd Place
Jeannie Breeding
"Sunlight on Snow"

Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Late Sky on a Winter Day"
Award of Merit
David Grossmann
"Late Sky on a Winter Day"

Thumbnail of Susan Hyer | "Ice Fall Study"
Award of Merit
Susie Hyer
"Ice Fall Study"

Thumbnail of Will Spear's "Poudre Canyon River Rocks"
Award of Merit
Will Spear
"Poudre Canyon Rocks"

Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Buffalo Creek"
Award of Merit
Cheryl St John
"Buffalo Creek"

Thumbnail of Marianne Billingsley | "River Banks"
Award of Merit
Marianne Billingsley
"River Banks"

Thumbnail of Sean Willard's "Pensive Platte"
Award of Merit
Sean Willard
"Pensive Platte"

Thumbnail of Sheri Balke | "Cinderella Pumpkins"
Award of Merit
Sheri Balke
"Cinderella Pumpkins"

Thumbnail of Margaret Jensen's "Endo Valley"
Award of Merit
Margaret Jensen
"Endo Valley"

Thumbnail of Sue Wipf's "Winter Tapestry"
Artists Choice Award
Sue Wipf
"Winter Tapestry"

Thumbnail of Deborah McAllister's "Rustling Rushes"
Allen Award
Deborah McAllister
"Rustling Rushes"

Thumbnail of Mary Garrish | "Cumulonimbus Clouds"
Collectors Choice Award
Mary Garrish
"Cumulonimbus Clouds"

Thumbnail of Albert Handell's "Rushing Waters"
Master Signature Award
Albert Handell
"Rushing Waters"

Quick Draw Best of Show
Mary Ellen Andrews

Quick Draw Collectors Choice
Ginger Whellock

Leslie Allen
Leslie Allen | "Poppies and Cornflowers"
Janet Anderson
Thumbnail Janet Anderson | "Monterey Pier"Thumbnail Janet Anderson | "Monterey Surf"Thumbnail Janet Anderson | "Mt. Meeker Reflections"
Patti Andre
Thumbnail Patti Andre | "Early Morning Haze"Thumbnail Patti Andre | "Purple Ribbon"Thumbnail Patti Andre | "Splendid Reflections"
Mary Ellen Andrews
Thumbnail Mary Ellen Andrews | "Brown Mountain in the San Juans"Thumbnail Mary Ellen Andrews | "Serpent's Trail"
Heather Arenas
Thumbnail of Heather Arenas | "Fort Morgan Library Park"Thumbnail of Heather Arenas | "Gas Meter at Mona's"
Joe Anna Arnett
Thumbnail of Joe Anna Arnett | "Morning Reds, Arches National Park"
Cliff Austin
Thumbnail of Cliff Austin | "Bible Park Winter"Thumbnail of Cliff Austin | "Cold Stream Bank II"Thumbnail of Cliff Austin | "O'Fallon Park"
Sheri Balke
Thumbnail of Sheri Balke | "Cinderella Pumpkins"Thumbnail of Sheri Balke | "Spring Meadow"Thumbnail of Sheri Balke | "Willow Pond Barn"
Tricia Bass
Thumbnail of Tricia Bass | "In the Heat of Passion"
Lorie Batson
Thumbnail of Lorie Batson | "Charlie's Barn"Thumbnail of Lorie Batson | "Dance of the Cottonwood"Thumbnail of Lorie Batson | "Winter River Bend"
Michael Baum
Thumbnail of Michael Baum | "Greenlee Canyon"Thumbnail of Michael Baum | "Manitou Meadow"Thumbnail of Michael Baum | "Red Rocks Canyon Trail"
Theresa Beck
Thumbnail of Theresa Beck | "Red Tile Patio"
Marianne Billingsley
Thumbnail of Marianne Billingsley | "River Banks"
Anita Blythe
Thumbnail of Anita Blythe | "Splendid Majesty"
Jeannie Breeding
Thumbnail of Jeannie Breeding | "Sunlight on Snow"
Pat Carney
Thumbnail of Pat Carney's "Serenity"
Cindy Carrillo
Thumbnail of Cidny Carrillo's "Afternoon Delight"
Jane Christie
Thumbnail of Jane Christie's "Along the Colorado Trail"Thumbnail of Jane Christie's "Old Grandaddy II"
Jeanine Christman
Thumbnail of Jeanine Christman's "Beach Giant"Thumbnail of Jeanine Christman's "Mendocino Coast Pine"Thumbnail of Jeanine Christman's "Windswept"
Barbara Churchley
Thumbnail of Barbara Churchley | "Dominguez Canyon"Thumbnail of Barbara Churchley | "Haying Season"Thumbnail of Barbara Churchley | "Toward the Monument"
Patricia Clarke
Thumbnail of Patricia Clarke | "Casa del Premio do Flor, Spain"
Janelle Cox
Thumbnail of Janelle Cox | "Nestled in the Light"
Lamya Deeb
Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb | "Grasses in Snow"Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb | "Walden Sunset"Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb | "Grasses in Snow"
Mary Dunn
Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb | "Walden Sunset"
Jeanne Echternach
Thumbnail of Jeanne Echternach | "Along the Tracks"Thumbnail of Jeanne Echternach | "Snow Canyon"
Kim English
Thumbnail of Kim English | "Front Range Skies"Thumbnail of Kim English | "North Fork of the South Platte"
Diane Fechenbach
Thumbnail of Diane Fechenbach | "Morning Light - The Yellow Place"Thumbnail of Diane Fechenbach | "Taos Whitewater"
Lori Feldpausch
Thumbnail of Lori Feldpausch | "Spring Flowing"Thumbnail of Lori Feldpausch | "Old Cottonwood New Swing"
Susan Fowler
Thumbnail of Susan Fowler | "Autumn Sky"
Pam Froemke
Thumbnail of Pam Froemke | "Spring Arriving in Rocky Mountain National Park"Thumbnail of Pam Froemke | "Spring Moods"
Mary Garrish
Thumbnail of Mary Garrish | "Cumulonimbus Clouds"Thumbnail of Mary Garrish | "Fall Brilliance"Thumbnail of Mary Garrish | "Red Rocks in Capitol Reef"
Damien Gonzales
Thumbnail of Damien Gonzales  | "Sandia Dusk"Thumbnail of Damien Gonzales  | "Tsegi Overlook"Thumbnail of Damien Gonzales  | "Wilson Summer"
Teri Gortmaker
Thumbnail of Teri Gortmaker | "Cherryvale View"Thumbnail of Teri Gortmaker | "So This Is April"
Fran Gottlieb
Thumbnail of Fran Gottlieb | "Mutton Manor"
Coni Grant
Thumbnail of Coni Grant | "Chamisa Trail"Thumbnail of Coni Grant | "Mountain, August"
Dina Gregory
Thumbnail of Dina Gregory | "Autumn in Palo Duro"Thumbnail of Dina Gregory | "Terlingua Creek"
Debra Joy Groesser
Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser | "Sedona Magic"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser | "Streaming Light"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser | "The Old Fire Engine"
David Grossmann
Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Balance with the Winter Sky"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Late Sky on a Winter Day"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Trunks and Sky in Winter"
Tracy Haines
Thumbnail of Tracy Haines's "Melt at Mayer"
Albert Handell
Thumbnail of Albert Handell's "Rushing Waters"
Cary Hansen
Thumbnail of Cary Hansen's "Hildebrand Ranch I"
Joanne Hanson
Thumbnail of Joanne Hanson | "Colorado Stream"
Susan Haskins
Thumbnail of Susan Haskins | "Sledding"Thumbnail of Susan Haskins | "Summer Trees"
Nancy Hutcheson
Thumbnail of Nancy Hutcheson | "9AM"Thumbnail of Nancy Hutcheson | "Fall Field"
Wes Hyde
Thumbnail of Wes Hyde | "Fallen"
Peggy Immel
Thumbnail of Peggy Immel's "Big Vista"Thumbnail of Peggy Immel's "In Mrs. Walsh's Garden"
Shirl Ireland
Thumbnail of Shirl Ireland's "Morning Patterns"Thumbnail of Shirl Ireland's "Tent"
Rebekkah Jackson
Thumbnail of Rebekkah Jackson's "Prairie Grove"
Carol Jenkins
Thumbnail of Carol Jenkins's "Maine Morning"Thumbnail of Carol Jenkins's "Shades of Red"Thumbnail of Carol Jenkins's "Tidal River"
William Scott Jennings
Thumbnail of William Scott Jennings's "October Rustic"Thumbnail of William Scott Jennings's "Autumn Rapids"
Margaret Jensen
Thumbnail of Margaret Jensen's "Endo Valley"Thumbnail of Margaret Jensen's "Lookout at H Bar G"
Jennifer Johnson
Thumbnail of Jennifer Johnson's "Gold King Basin"Thumbnail of Jennifer Johnson's "Pick a Pepper"Thumbnail of Jennifer Johnson's "Telluride Sunset"
Shari Jones
Thumbnail of Shari Jones's "Arboretum"
Becky Joy
Thumbnail of Becky Joy's "Bartlett Lake"Thumbnail of Becky Joy's "Eucalyptus Shadows"Thumbnail of Becky Joy's "Saguaro Spring Color"
Holly Kernes
Thumbnail of Holly Kernes's "The Rock"
Dena Kirk
Thumbnail of Dena Kirk's "Abiquiu Reservoir"Thumbnail of Dena Kirk's "Brainard Lake"Thumbnail of Dena Kirk's "Summit Lake Colors"
Jivan Lee
Thumbnail of Jivan Lee's "Follow the Wild"
Jeff Legg
Thumbnail of Jeff Legg's "Avalance Country"Thumbnail of Jeff Legg's "Thin Air"
Donna Lyons
Thumbnail of Donna Lyons's "Edges"Thumbnail of Donna Lyons's "Evening Voices"Thumbnail of Donna Lyons's "High Desert Morning"
Lee MacLeod
Thumbnail of Lee MacLeod's "Chamisa Shadows"Thumbnail of Lee MacLeod's "Chicago Basin Reflections"Thumbnail of Lee MacLeod's "Snow Melt"
Remley Martin
Thumbnail of Remley Martin's "Dogwood Canyon"Thumbnail of Remley Martin's "Old Blue"
Susan Matteson
Thumbnail of Susan Matteson's "Trout"
Barbara Mauldin
Thumbnail of Barbara Mauldin's "Hill Country Harmony"
Chuck Mauldin
Thumbnail of Chuck Mauldin's "Old Live Oak"Thumbnail of Chuck Mauldin's "The Shed Out Back"
Deborah McAllister
Thumbnail of Deborah McAllister's "Rustling Rushes"
Susan McCullough
Thumbnail of Susan McCullough's "Morning on West Spanish Peak"Thumbnail of Susan McCullough's "Rock Creek Sunshine"Thumbnail of Susan McCullough's "View from Desert Cove"
Bonnie McGee
Thumbnail of Bonnie McGee's "Skylark Barn"Thumbnail of Bonnie McGee's "Twenty Below"
Kathryn McMahon
Thumbnail of Kathryn McMahon's "At Water's Edge"
Lee McVey
Thumbnail of Lee McVey's "Afternoon on the Colorado River"Thumbnail of Lee McVey's "Ghost Ranch Cliffs"
Valerie Meyers
Thumbnail of Valerie Meyers's "Powered Down"
Anita Mosher
Thumbnail of Anita Mosher's "Perfect Colorado Day"
D.E. Munden
Thumbnail of D.E. Munden's "Elk Crossing"
Judy Nakari
Thumbnail of Judy Nakari's "Taos Mission, October"
Paul Nutting
Thumbnail of Paul Nutting's "Late Winter Afternoon"Thumbnail of Paul Nutting's "Reflections"Thumbnail of Paul Nutting's "Winter in the Kawuneeche Valley"
Lyn Phariss
Thumbnail of Lyn Phariss's "Ladybird's Park"Thumbnail of Lyn Phariss's "Love the Hill Country"Thumbnail of Lyn Phariss's "What a Day"
Lori Putnam
Thumbnail of Lori Putnam's "Goldie Docks"Thumbnail of Lori Putnam's "Ladies of the Cape"Thumbnail of Lori Putnam's "Time to Pack Up"
Kathryn Riedinger
Thumbnail of Kathryn Riedinger's "Point Lobo Study"
Jennifer Riefenberg
Thumbnail of Riefenberg's "A Shade of Gray Meadow"
Karen Roberts
Thumbnail of Karen Roberts's "Golden Morning"Thumbnail of Karen Roberts's "Storm Coming In"Thumbnail of Karen Roberts's "Winter Sage"
Scott Ruthven
Thumbnail of Scott Ruthven's "Rover Glass"Thumbnail of Scott Ruthven's "Silent Snowfall"Thumbnail of Scott Ruthven's "Winter Silhouette"
Don Sahli
Thumbnail of Don Sahli's "Sumer Morning Low Hanging Clouds, Piney Lake"
Terri Sanchez
Thumbnail of Terri Sanchez's "Autumn Treeline"Thumbnail of Terri Sanchez's "Pristine Peak"Thumbnail of Terri Sanchez's "Winter Red"
Kirsten Savage
Thumbnail of Kirsten Savage's "Final Freeze"Thumbnail of Kirsten Savage's "Overflow"Thumbnail of Kirsten Savage's "Telluride Vista"
Judith Scott
Thumbnail of Judith Scott's "Cherub in the Garden"Thumbnail of Judith Scott's "View Out the Kitchen Window"
Lynn Simonson
Thumbnail of Lynn Simonson's "Old Shed in the Foothills"
Ed Sirokman
Thumbnail of Ed Sirokman's "Sloan's Lake"
Will Spear
Thumbnail of Will Spear's "Nymph Lake RMNP"Thumbnail of Will Spear's "On Top of the Sullivan Gulch"Thumbnail of Will Spear's "Poudre Canyon River Rocks"
Cydney Springer
Thumbnail of Cydney Springer's "Bright Season"Thumbnail of Cydney Springer's "Snake River Morning"Thumbnail of Cydney Springer's "Teton Meadow"
Cheryl St. John
Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Buffalo Creek"
Thumbnail of Susan Hyer | "Conversation in Red"Thumbnail of Susan Hyer | "Ice Fall Study"Thumbnail of Susan Hyer | "Tropical Rock"
Richard Szkutnik
Thumbnail of Richard Szkutnik's "Afternoon Big Dry Creek"Thumbnail of Richard Szkutnik's "Roxborough Entry"Thumbnail of Richard Szkutnik's "String Lake"
Cecy Turner
Thumbnail of Cecy Turner's "fall Forest"Thumbnail of Cecy Turner's "Morning Reflections at Nymph"
Cynthia Underwood
Thumbnail of Cynthia Underwood's "Colorado Lupines"Thumbnail of Cynthia Underwood's "The Mittens"
Wayne Vigil
Thumbnail of Wayne Vigil's "Winter Colors"
Teresa Vito
Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Afternoon View"
Nina Walker
Thumbnail of Nina Walker's "Airy Tree Tops"
Patrice Walker
Thumbnail of Patrice Walker's "Winter on Grand Mesa"
Ginger Whellock
Thumbnail of Ginger Whellock's "Smoke in the Valley"
Sean Willard
Thumbnail of Sean Willard's "Anteros Ridges"Thumbnail of Sean Willard's "Closing Moment"Thumbnail of Sean Willard's "Pensive Platte"
Anita Winter
Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Heavenly"Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Lingering Snow"Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Quiet Season"
Sue Wipf
Thumbnail of Sue Wipf's "Winter Tapestry"
Nyla Witmore
Thumbnail of Nyla Witmore's "Walking to School"
Joan Wolbier
Thumbnail of Joan Wolbier's "Hall Ranch"