Art for Life Benefiting Project Angel Heart August 24, 2012 Check out this selection of art for auction at Project Angel Heart's annual fundraiser Art for Life on Friday, August 24 at Abend Gallery. Please visit Project Angel Heart for information on purchasing tickets to attend the art auction. Over 150 art pieces will be available for purchase, so check back frequently for updates!

Please visit Blacktie Colorado to purchase tickets.
Fri, August 24, 6-10 pm
Thumbnail of Zoa Aces's "Flowers and Fruit"
Leslie Allen
Thumbnail of Leslie Allen's "Endo Valley"Thumbnail of Leslie Allen's "Storm Clouds"
Thumbnail of Cristi B.'s "Somber Place"Thumbnail of Cristi B.'s "The Blue Branch"
Thumbnail of Dan Beck's "Teapot and Oranges"
Theresa Beck
Thumbnail of Theresa Beck's "Fall Pumpkins"
Thumbnail of Jim Beckner's "Summer"
Kelly Berger
Thumbnail of Kelly Berger's "Steel Bridge"
Penney Bidwell
Thumbnail of Penney Bidwell's "Mother Daughter"
Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Blue Steele"
Marty Brens
Thumbnail of Marty Brens's "Apple Blossom Time"
Gordon Brown
Thumbnail of Gordon Brown's "Untitled"
Perry Brown
Thumbnail of Perry Brown's "Line Chef II"
Thumbnail of Norman Cable's "Byzantine Crossing"Thumbnail of Norman Cable's "Ponte Vecchio"
Thumbnail of Patricia Canney's "Silken Composition"Thumbnail of Patricia Canney's "Dresses with Coats"
Mary Cay
Thumbnail of Mary Cay's "Escaping"
Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez's "Winter Willows along Glacier Creek"
Jane Christie
Thumbnail of Jane Christie's "Study at Twilight"Thumbnail of Jane Christie's "Summer Bouquet"
Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Dance Moves"
Thumbnail of Stephen Day's "On the Way to Moab"
Thumbnail of Harold Deist's "Sombrero Horse Drive"
Thumbnail of Susan Dickson's "Old Friends"
Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Graceful Attitude"
Thumbnail of Michael Dowling's "Gravity Is Doing Good"Thumbnail of Michael Dowling's "The Race is Long"
Lisa Doyle
Thumbnail of Lisa Doyle's "Olive Barrels"Thumbnail of Lisa Doyle's "Sweet Nectar"
Dianne L. Massey Dunbar
Thumbnail of Dianne L. Massey Dunbar's "Broken"
Jeanne Echternach
Thumbnail of Jeanne Echternach's "Morning Tea"
Willi Eggerman
Thumbnail of Willi Eggerman's "Audrey"
Linda Eiteljorg
Thumbnail of Linda Eiteljorg's "Oval Dish"Thumbnail of Linda Eiteljorg's "Platter with Frog"Thumbnail of Linda Eiteljorg's "Shades of Blue"
Kim English
Thumbnail of Kim English's "Top Floor View"
Sheri Farabaugh
Thumbnail of Sheri Farabaugh's "Pear Street Grill"
Thumbnail of Mark Friday's "Yard Dog"Thumbnail of Mark Friday's "Test Pattern"
Michael Gadlin
Thumbnail of Michael Gadlin's "Untitled"
Thumbnail of Ann Gargotto's "White Peonies"
Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Bridal Veil from Tomboy"
Thumbnail of Lindsey Bittner Graham's "Grazin'"
Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser's "Among the Aspens"
Thumbnail of David Harms's "Mountain Valley Sundown"Thumbnail of David Harms's "A Birthday Present"
John K. Harrell
Thumbnail of John K. Harrell's "Summer Stroll"
Ron Hicks
Thumbnail of Ron Hicks's "Tarfina II"
Thumbnail of Nicole Hyde's "Moody Morning"
Susie Hyer
Thumbnail of Susie Hyer's "Beaver Meadows Overlook"Thumbnail of Susie Hyer's "Riverbend, April #2"
Thumbnail of Pam Ingalls's "Dance Lesson"
Rochelle Johnson
Thumbnail of Rochelle Johnson's "Noon Rest"
Naum Katsenelson
Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Lilac Blooming"
Siobhan Keleher
Thumbnail of Siobhan Keleher's "Hands, Apple"
Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Mountain to River"Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Remembering Summer"
Gigi Lambert
Thumbnail of Gigi Lambert's "Considering the Formless"
Gayla Lemke
Thumbnail of Gayla Lemke's "Round"
Cynthia Ligeros
Thumbnail of Cynthia Ligeros's "August Graze"
Thumbnail of Terrie Lombardi's "Seductive Grace"
Mark Lunning
Thumbnail of Mark Lunning's "The Rhythm of Chaotic Motion"Thumbnail of Mark Lunning's "Untitled"
Kit Hevron Mahoney
Thumbnail of Kit Hevron Mahoney's "Garden of Treasure"
Thumbnail of Peggy McGivern's "Harvest Season"
Tracy Miller
Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "On the Scent"
Mary Ann Miro
Thumbnail of Mary Ann Miro's "Morning Has Broken"
Anita Mosher
Thumbnail of Anita Mosher's "Finding the Perfect Red"
Rodgers Naylor
Thumbnail of Rodgers Naylor's "A Vineyard in the Midi"Thumbnail of Rodgers Naylor's "Cottonwoods in Winter"
Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Untitled"
Desmond O'Hagan
Thumbnail of Desmond O'Hagan's "Rest Stop - San Francisco"
Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Bound by Unrealistic Convention"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Portrait - 1950's Perk"
Jeannie Paty
Thumbnail of Jeannie Paty's "Red Poppies"
Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Connected"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Levitation"
Dennis Pendleton
Thumbnail of Dennis Pendleton's "Low Tide, Venice"
Thumbnail of Sandra Pratt's "Alleyway"Thumbnail of Sandra Pratt's "Irish House"
Phillip Rader
Thumbnail of Phillip Rader's "Untitled"
Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's "Calla Lillies by the Window"
Thumbnail of Connie Renner's "Eoi"
Thumbnail of Nicholas Reti's "Canyon Colors at Sunrise"Thumbnail of Nicholas Reti's "Eagle's Perch"
Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Garden Gate"
Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Lunar Voice"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Parting Song"
Mark Sink
Thumbnail of Mark Sink's "Eggs"Thumbnail of Mark Sink's "Warhol with Color"Thumbnail of Mark Sink's "Wine Glass"
Thumbnail of Jeff Slemons's "Fancy Pants Study"
Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Leroy"
Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "The Winding Road"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Fire in the Sky"
Thumbnail of Clyde Steadman's "Satire"
Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Old Birch"
Peggy Morgan Stenmark
Thumbnail of Peggy Morgan Stenmark's "Cool Waters"
Thumbnail of Rick Stoner's "Yellow Pitcher with Nectarines"
Blake Street Glass
Thumbnail of Blake Street's "Blown Vase"Thumbnail of Blake Street's "Dark Blue Bowl and Criton"Thumbnail of Blake Street's "Green and White Fruit Vase"Thumbnail of Blake Street's "La Mesita Oro Rasa"Thumbnail of Blake Street's "Light Blue Vase"
Nancy Switzer
Thumbnail of Nancy Switzer's "On Orange"
John Tarantola
Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Bo, In Honor of Dennis McHugh"Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Dance"
Thumbnail of Ken Valastro's "Downtown Hustle"Thumbnail of Ken Valastro's "In a Hurry"
Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Cherry Tomatoes"
Ed Zorensky
Thumbnail of Ed Zorensky's "Along the Arkansas"Thumbnail of Ed Zorensky's "Clouds on the Teton"
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