22nd Annual Holiday Miniatures Show

Dec 7, 2012 - Dec 29, 2012

Opening Reception:
Fri, Dec 7, 5-9 pm

This preview will be updated frequently in the coming days.
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Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "Alice"Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "Morning"Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "Happy Hour"Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "Mad Tea Party"Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "Over the Rainbow"Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "Pop"Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "Ruby Slippers"Thumbnail of Zoa Ace's "You Smell Nice"
Thumbnail of Dan Amoroso's "The Shadow Knows"Thumbnail of Dan Amoroso's "Cup Study"Thumbnail of Dan Amoroso's "Makes No Cents"
Cheryl Anderson
Thumbnail of Cheryl Anderson's "California Poppies" Thumbnail of Cheryl Anderson's "Chocolates and Tea"Thumbnail of Cheryl Anderson's "Narcissus and Green Glass"Thumbnail of Cheryl Anderson's "Single Serving"
Janet Anderson
Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "An Early Snow"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "A Perfect Day"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Fall's Farewell"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Illuminated"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Moroccan Vendor"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Spring Study"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Strolling the Retiro"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Summer Aspen"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Teton Creek Study"Thumbnail of Janet Anderson's "Teton Valley Farm"
Mitch Baird
Thumbnail of Mitch Baird's "Stream Song"
Andy Barton
Thumbnail of Andy Barton's "Chama Railyard"Thumbnail of Andy Barton's "Fall Afternoon at the Park"Thumbnail of Andy Barton's "Jazz at the Burnsley"Thumbnail of Andy Barton's "Portugal Algave"
Thumbnail of Dan Beck's "Teapot"Thumbnail of Dan Beck's "Slim"Thumbnail of Dan Beck's "Evelyn"Thumbnail of Dan Beck's "Onion"Thumbnail of Dan Beck's "Snow's Coming"Thumbnail of Dan Beck's "Bear Creek, November"
Thumbnail of Jim Beckner's "Crossing"Thumbnail of Jim Beckner's "Denver Street"Thumbnail of Jim Beckner's "NY Sidewalk"
Kelly Berger
Thumbnail of Kelly Berger's "Taxis Above"Thumbnail of Kelly Berger's "Park Ave Afternoon"Thumbnail of Kelly Berger's "Union Station Reflections"Thumbnail of Kelly Berger's "Open Ride"Thumbnail of Kelly Berger's "Down Low Blue"
Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Where"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Up 17th"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Put the Needle on the Record"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Don't Wine"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "After 2AM"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Elegant Misconception"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "The History of Us"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Translating Layers"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Traspose 3"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Traspose 4"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "Traspose 5"Thumbnail of Jennifer Bobola's "The Dream Initiative"
Thumbnail of Linda Tracey Brandon's "Sun Worship"
Thumbnail of Norman Cable's "Time Trial I"Thumbnail of Norman Cable's "Time Trial II"Thumbnail of Norman Cable's "Time Trial III"Thumbnail of Norman Cable's "Time Trial IV"Thumbnail of Norman Cable's "Time Trial V"
Thumbnail of P.A. Canney's "Dolly Dear"Thumbnail of P.A. Canney's "Red Hot"
Victoria Castillo
Thumbnail of Victoria Castillo's "Esperando"Thumbnail of Victoria Castillo's "Tea"
Marie Channer
Thumbnail of Marie Channer's "Misty Stroll"Thumbnail of Marie Channer's "Skating with My Shadow"Thumbnail of Marie Channer's "Snowy Kiss"Thumbnail of Marie Channer's "Winter Glow"Thumbnail of Marie Channer's "Winter Morning"
Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez's "Sandia Series 1"Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez's "Sandia Series 3"Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez's "Sandia Series 4"Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez's "Season Pass"Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez's "Dry Wash After Rain"Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez's "Sandia Series 5"
Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Red Horses"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Sleeping Santa"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Sun on the Mountain"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Ribbit"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Red Snow"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Mountain Snow"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Jazz on the Mountain"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Blue Moon"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Fresh Snow"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Reindeer"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Angel Cat"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Deer Cat"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Frolicking"Thumbnail of Nancy Condit's "Rainbow Snow"
Mark Coulter
Thumbnail of Mark Coulter's "Headwaters of the Big Thompson"Thumbnail of Mark Coulter's "Just Out of Ouray"Thumbnail of Mark Coulter's "High Water Spring Runoff"
Thumbnail of Stephen Day's "Desert Morning"Thumbnail of Stephen Day's "In for Repairs"Thumbnail of Stephen Day's "Late Light"Thumbnail of Stephen Day's "Red Barn, Pennsylvania"Thumbnail of Stephen Day's "Spring Color"
Thumbnail of Tim Deibler's "Gold Autumn"Thumbnail of Tim Deibler's "Morning at Morraine"Thumbnail of Tim Deibler's "Winter Chill"
Thumbnail of Harold Deist's "Canyon's Edge"Thumbnail of Harold Deist's "Field Study in Green"Thumbnail of Harold Deist's "Peaceful Sunset"
Delton Demarest
Thumbnail of Delton Demarest's "Denali"Thumbnail of Delton Demarest's "Winter Glints"Thumbnail of Delton Demarest's "Capitol Protector"
Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "Abigail"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "A Rose is a Rose"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "Being a Kid"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "Headin' West"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "In the Moment"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "Snuggling"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "The Finale"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "Self Portrait"Thumbnail of Judith Dickinson's "Parasol"
Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "In Focus, Nabu Chefs"Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Plating for Two"Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Aspen Trail"Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Autumn Fly Fisher"Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Neopolitan Angel Herald"Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Neopolitan Angel Messenger"Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Sunshine Effects"Thumbnail of Marin Dobson's "Winter Light"
Thumbnail of Michael Dowling's "All I See Before Me"Thumbnail of Michael Dowling's "Study for Juliet Capulet"Thumbnail of Michael Dowling's "Untitled Floral Study"
Marjie Eakin-Petty
Thumbnail of Marjie Eakin-Petty's "Ripple Dance"Thumbnail of Marjie Eakin-Petty's "In the Shallows"Thumbnail of Marjie Eakin-Petty's "Rusty Girl"Thumbnail of Marjie Eakin-Petty's "Spring Chicken"
Thumbnail of Kim English's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Kim English's "Market Day in Etla"Thumbnail of Kim English's "Colorado Mountains"Thumbnail of Kim English's "Untitled II"Thumbnail of Kim English's "Untitled III"
Thumbnail of Jane Ford's "Procession"Thumbnail of Jane Ford's "Tarahumara Girl"Thumbnail of Jane Ford's "Nude Study"Thumbnail of Jane Ford's "Carolina"
Thumbnail of Mark Friday's "Art Is on His Mind"Thumbnail of Mark Friday's "Mr. Pickle"Thumbnail of Mark Friday's "Pineapple Man"Thumbnail of Mark Friday's "Palettes"Thumbnail of Mark Friday's "It's Not as Hot as It used to Be"
Thumbnail of Ann Gargotto's "Summer Rose"Thumbnail of Ann Gargotto's "Pear Trio"Thumbnail of Ann Gargotto's "Dog Nap"Thumbnail of Ann Gargotto's "City Shadows"Thumbnail of Ann Gargotto's "Study of Morgan"Thumbnail of Ann Gargotto's "Sunning"
Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Little Grand Canyon I"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Courthouse with Flags"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Prickly Pear with Cactus"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Better Exposure"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Colfax Sunset Study"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Datura"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Last Dollar Road - Morning with Fog"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Last Dollar Road with Aspen"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "The Other Horse"
Thumbnail of Lindsey Bittner Graham's "Belgians at Work"Thumbnail of Lindsey Bittner Graham's "Working Mares"Thumbnail of Lindsey Bittner Graham's "Horsing Around"Thumbnail of Lindsey Bittner Graham's "Standing Tall"
Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser's "Morning Glow, Rocky Point"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser's "Sparkling Garrapata"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser's "View from the Cliffs"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser's "Streaming Light"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser's "Lakeside Lunch Break"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser's "Crescent Bay Sparkle"
David Grossmann
Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Aspen Color Sketch"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Crestone Sunrise"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Blossoming Trees"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Fourteener Sunrise"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Lowering Sun"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Gothic Valley Sunrise"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Sunrise View from Ridgeway"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Yellow Canopy"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Forest Edge at Dusk"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "In the Deep Snow"
Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "Lake and Tree Landscape"Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "Courtyard"Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "Banpong House"Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "Tremont"Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "Industrial"Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "Shack"Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "Idaho Springs"Thumbnail of Bill Guffey's "House and Garage"
Cynthia Haase
Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Tomato on Glass"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "The Apples"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Orange Slices and Grapes"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Pear-ish"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Outie"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Apple Scratch"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Pear and Pink Ribbon"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Cherries and Blue Cup"Thumbnail of Cynthia Haase's "Chasin' the Blues"
Thumbnail of David Harms's "Early Fall, Morraine Park"
John K Harrell
Thumbnail of John K Harrell's "Chicago Street Scene"Thumbnail of John K Harrell's "Floating Magic"Thumbnail of John K Harrell's "Mystified"
Stephanie Hartshorn
Thumbnail of Stephanie Hartshorn's "Green Light Go"Thumbnail of Stephanie Hartshorn's "Tool Jar"Thumbnail of Stephanie Hartshorn's "Swizzle Stick"Thumbnail of Stephanie Hartshorn's "Motel Riviera"Thumbnail of Stephanie Hartshorn's "High Water"
Nancy J Hill
Thumbnail of Nancy J Hill's "Tahoe Sunset"Thumbnail of Nancy J Hill's "First Light on Arcadia"Thumbnail of Nancy J Hill's "On the Moorings Study"Thumbnail of Nancy J Hill's "Maple Sentinel"Thumbnail of Nancy J Hill's "Harvest Companions"
Sharon Holsapple
Thumbnail of Sharon Holsapple's "Three Thoroughbreds at Dawn"
Thumbnail of Jeanne Hougen's "Aspen Trail"Thumbnail of Jeanne Hougen's "Attached"Thumbnail of Jeanne Hougen's "Laid Back"Thumbnail of Jeanne Hougen's "Sweet Trio"Thumbnail of Jeanne Hougen's "Laid Back"Thumbnail of Jeanne Hougen's "Snack Time"Thumbnail of Jeanne Hougen's "Blossom"
Thumbnail of Nicole Hyde's "Winter Red"Thumbnail of Nicole Hyde's "Wait"Thumbnail of Nicole Hyde's "Red in Rain"Thumbnail of Nicole Hyde's "Fall Field"Thumbnail of Nicole Hyde's "Blue Green Wash"Thumbnail of Nicole Hyde's "Blaze"
Wes Hyde
Thumbnail of Wes Hyde's "Hooded Warbler"Thumbnail of Wes Hyde's "Solstice"
George Inai
Thumbnail of George Inai's "Misfit Toys I"Thumbnail of George Inai's "Misfit Toys II"Thumbnail of George Inai's "Misfit Toys III"
Thumbnail of Pam Ingalls's "Maria's Kitchen"Thumbnail of Pam Ingalls's "Cherry Attitudes"
Naum Katsenelson
Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Sleeping Boats"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Spring in Colorado"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Rocks"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Old Farm"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Israel Wisdom"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Israel Petakh Tikva"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "China I"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "China II"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "China III"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "China IV"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Beach in Mexico"Thumbnail of Naum Katsenelson's "Autumn"
Thumbnail of Ray Knaub's "Put Out to Pasture"Thumbnail of Ray Knaub's "Kansas Wheat Harvest"
Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Pieces of Fall"Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Winter Light"Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Sedona Gateway"Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Autumn's Last Leaves"Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Dappled Light of Winter"Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Last Light on Water"Thumbnail of Deb Komitor's "Winter Again"
Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Jalapeño and Habaneros"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Little Red Pear, with base"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Sweet Red Pepper, with base"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Madame Rose"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Three Strawberries"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Chocolate Strawberry"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Coco's Lime Chaux de Coco"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Half Plum"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Moon Pear"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Sun Pear"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Trio"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Trio Too"Thumbnail of Darlis Lamb's "Wild Strawberry"
Martin Lambuth
Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "I Have a Feeling"Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "Doctor of Thinkology"Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "Regarding Love and Art"Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "I Even Scare Myself"Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "Basking in the Sunset Wheat"Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "Sunny Side Up"Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "Geezer near Moab"Thumbnail of Martin Lambuth's "Pumpkin Pick-Up"
Nancy Lloyd-Hooker
Thumbnail of Nancy Lloyd Hooker's "Sun on Snow"
Thumbnail of Terrie Lombardi's "Lilies Just Before the Rain"Thumbnail of Terrie Lombardi's "Lilies Sweet Love"Thumbnail of Terrie Lombardi's "Quiet Dignity"Thumbnail of Terrie Lombardi's "Sugar Candy Roses"
Kim Mackey
Thumbnail of Kim Mackey's "Desert Breeze"Thumbnail of Kim Mackey's "War Horse"Thumbnail of Kim Mackey's "Thicket"Thumbnail of Kim Mackey's "Winter V7 Tank"Thumbnail of Kim Mackey's "Roaming Free"Thumbnail of Kim Mackey's "Grassland"
Kit Hevron Mahoney
Thumbnail of Kit Hevron Mahoney's "Illumination I"Thumbnail of Kit Hevron Mahoney's "Broad Horizons"Thumbnail of Kit Hevron Mahoney's "Red Forest"Thumbnail of Kit Hevron Mahoney's "The End of Silence"Thumbnail of Kit Hevron Mahoney's "Gentle Soul"
Jeremy Manyik
Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Tomorrow"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Bobcat and Radish"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Snowy Mountain Range"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Preening Raven"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Owl and Cranberries"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Morning Sun Barn Owl"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Goat and Eggs"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Fading Light"Thumbnail of Jeremy Manyik's "Coyote and Red Onion"
Thumbnail of Jennifer McChristian's "Sacred Spaces"
Thumbnail of Peggy McGivern's "Untitled 11"Thumbnail of Peggy McGivern's "Untitled 3"Thumbnail of Peggy McGivern's "Untitled 5"Thumbnail of Peggy McGivern's "Untitled 9"Thumbnail of Peggy McGivern's "Untitled 10"
Thumbnail of Carolyn Miller's "Pigs"
Tracy Miller
Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Stay on Alert"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Double Loaded"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Blue Depths"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Don't Bother Me; I'm Thinking"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Lucky Heart"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Oink"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Paso a Paso"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Raven"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Raven Dreams"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Red Bull"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Red Sky"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Time to Play"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Two Little Piggies"Thumbnail of Tracy Miller's "Who's Watching Who"
Mary Ann Miro
Thumbnail of Mary Ann Miro's "Dawn"Thumbnail of Mary Ann Miro's "In a Glass"Thumbnail of Mary Ann Miro's "Sunflowers"
Denise Montoya
Thumbnail of Denise Montoya's "Tea with Lemon"Thumbnail of Denise Montoya's "Cream and Sugar"Thumbnail of Denise Montoya's "Banana Bread"
Lorraine Shirkus Moore
Thumbnail of Lorraine Shirkus Moore's "Tulips II"Thumbnail of Lorraine Shirkus Moore's "Eggs and Glass"Thumbnail of Lorraine Shirkus Moore's "Colored Bottles"Thumbnail of Lorraine Shirkus Moore's "Cluster"Thumbnail of Lorraine Shirkus Moore's "Apples and Oranges"
Anita Mosher
Thumbnail of Anita Mosher's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Anita Mosher's "Chich"Thumbnail of Anita Mosher's "Finding the Perfect Red"Thumbnail of Anita Mosher's "Prince Is "Zeus""
Thumbnail of Warren Neary's "An Old Friend"Thumbnail of Warren Neary's "A Quiet Place"Thumbnail of Warren Neary's "Shadows"Thumbnail of Warren Neary's "Solitude in Aplenglow"
Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Camp Fire"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Cupcake"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Flowering Cupcakes"
Christina Orlikowski
Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Little Mule Deer"Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Two Little Mulies"Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Thumper's World"Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Sunflowers in Blue"Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Ready to Run"Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Mountain Chick"Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Brave New World"Thumbnail of Christina Orlikowski's "Among Friends"
Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Jimmy"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Cyn's Doll China"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "1952 Paranoia"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Hidden Agenda"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Luscious"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Swirly Pink Pretty"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Sweet Thoughts"
Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Brandy Reflections"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Complimentaries"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Crystal Shards"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Key to My Heart"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Meditation"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "The Winning Cup"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Violet Light"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Refraction"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "It's a Small World"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Lock to My Heart"Thumbnail of Arleta Pech's "Say Cheese"
Thumbnail of Derek Penix's "Quang's Studio"
Thumbnail of Marsha Whitesides Piper's "First Bloom"Thumbnail of Marsha Whitesides Piper's "Apples and Grapes"Thumbnail of Marsha Whitesides Piper's "Blue Bottle"Thumbnail of Marsha Whitesides Piper's "Botanic Gardens Birdfeeder"
Pamela Poll
Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "Best Pair Yet"Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "Eggplant Duo"Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "Pink Rose and Jar"Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "Hot Pears"Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "Pear Duo"Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "Three Red Pears"Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "White Pumpkin"Thumbnail of Pamela Poll's "Adobe Welcome"
John Pototschnik
Thumbnail of John Pototschnik's "North of Farmersville"Thumbnail of John Pototschnik's "Remnants"Thumbnail of John Pototschnik's "Mountain Road"Thumbnail of John Pototschnik's "MacGregor Ranch"Thumbnail of John Pototschnik's "Hillside Church"Thumbnail of John Pototschnik's "Autumn Beginnings"
Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's "Space Cat"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's "Three Horses"
Thumbnail of Connie Renner's "Wish You Were Here"Thumbnail of Connie Renner's "Perhaps"Thumbnail of Connie Renner's "Expecting"Thumbnail of Connie Renner's "Diaphanous Diva"Thumbnail of Connie Renner's "Cranberry Crinoline"
Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Around Cherry Creek"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Behind the Sea Wall"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "By the Bay"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Day's End 4"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Ice House"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Long Ago, Long Ago"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Old Country Memories"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Summer Day"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "The Fishing Village"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "The Gathering I"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "The Lookout"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Valley Garden"Thumbnail of Karen Rosasco's "Below the Moor"
Thumbnail of John Roush's "Colorado Blue"Thumbnail of John Roush's "High Road"Thumbnail of John Roush's "Rainy Day"Thumbnail of John Roush's "Quiet Light"Thumbnail of John Roush's "Blue River, Fall"Thumbnail of John Roush's "Platte River"Thumbnail of John Roush's "Late September"Thumbnail of John Roush's "Near Hoosier Pass"Thumbnail of John Roush's "Gore Range Shadows"Thumbnail of John Roush's "April Snow"
Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "Back to Back"Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "Thonet Classoc with Kuba Cloth"Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "Winter's Delight"Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "The Rut"Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "The Little One"Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "Play Time"Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "Double Trouble"Thumbnail of Elizabeth Sandia's "Cat Nap"
Dave Santillanes
Thumbnail of Dave Santillanes's "Autumn Atmosphere"Thumbnail of Dave Santillanes's "Into the Sunset"Thumbnail of Dave Santillanes's "Lake of Glass Study"
Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "Celadon"Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "Gold Orchid"Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "Lamb's Ear"
David Shingler
Thumbnail of David Shingler's "Taxi"Thumbnail of David Shingler's "Urban Denver"
Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Lakeside"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "On the Outside Looking In"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Wolf Moon"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Winding Down"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Under the August Moon"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Noell's Poppy"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "As Far As the Eye Can See"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Happy Days"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Midnight Moon"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Extravagant"
Thumbnail of Jeff Slemons's "The Afternoon Blues"Thumbnail of Jeff Slemons's "Blue Dream"Thumbnail of Jeff Slemons's "Junkers"Thumbnail of Jeff Slemons's "Pop the Trunk"Thumbnail of Jeff Slemons's "The Colors of Valley Forge"Thumbnail of Jeff Slemons's "What's Under the Hood"
Laurie Sorkin
Thumbnail of Laurie Sorkin's "Green Truck"Thumbnail of Laurie Sorkin's "In the Backyard"Thumbnail of Laurie Sorkin's "Red Tractor"Thumbnail of Laurie Sorkin's "Roxborough Park"Thumbnail of Laurie Sorkin's "Surprise on the Trail"
Thumbnail of Rita Spalding's "On the Sea"Thumbnail of Rita Spalding's "Vine Tomatoes"Thumbnail of Rita Spalding's "On the North Sea"Thumbnail of Rita Spalding's "Green Pears"
Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "Evening Enchantment"Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "Ridgeway Farm"Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "Take Five"Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "Violins in Blue"Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "Shrimp Bowl"Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "Not yet Squeezed"Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "The Grain Company"Thumbnail of Robert Spooner's "Trowler on Shem Creek"
Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "A Different House"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Bernie"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Rock Gazing"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Windblown"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Modern House"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Lake View"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Afternoon Ride"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "A Forest"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Beverly"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Dwelling"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Modern Prairie House"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Sebastien"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Summer House"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Lakeside"Thumbnail of Elsa Sroka's "Little White People"
J.M. Steele
Thumbnail of J.M. Steele's "Sliced Orange"Thumbnail of J.M. Steele's "Red and White Cow"Thumbnail of J.M. Steele's "Moo-dy Cow"Thumbnail of J.M. Steele's "Mellow Milker"Thumbnail of J.M. Steele's "Double Espresso"Thumbnail of J.M. Steele's "Contented Cow"
Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"Thumbnail of Gary A. Steffen's "Untitled"
Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Busy Street"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Heirlooms"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "My View"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Street off the Beaten Path"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Sparkle"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Snowed In"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Crisp Morning"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Guarding the Shop"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "End of the Line"
Thumbnail of Clyde Steadman's "2 Artists - Orange and Black"Thumbnail of Clyde Steadman's "1908 Army Colt"Thumbnail of Clyde Steadman's "Alvin, A Candid Look"Thumbnail of Clyde Steadman's "Artist, Portrait, and Subject"Thumbnail of Clyde Steadman's "Painters in the Light"Thumbnail of Clyde Steadman's "Sketch for a Painting"
Carol Swinney
Thumbnail of Carol Swinney's "Distant Rain"
John Tarantola
Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Beard"Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Male Figure I"Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Male Figure II"Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Moon Dance"Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Son of the Moon"Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Angel and the Moon"Thumbnail of John Tarantola's "Man in the Moon"
Michael Ome Untiedt
Thumbnail of Michael Ome Untiedt's "Nocturne - Wagon Road"Thumbnail of Michael Ome Untiedt's "Nocturne - Trinity"Thumbnail of Michael Ome Untiedt's "I Sprang from the Bed to See What Was the Matter"Thumbnail of Michael Ome Untiedt's "Springhouse Nocturne"Thumbnail of Michael Ome Untiedt's "Stille Nacht with Coyote Moon"
Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Full Moon Rising"Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Italian Antennas"Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Vertine, Italy"Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Turquoise Door"Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Pretty Pansies"Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "In the Pink"Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Barn Swallow"
Thumbnail of Lani Vlaanderen's "Grosventre Valley"Thumbnail of Lani Vlaanderen's "Twisting Aspen"
Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Candy Cane III"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Candy Cane IV"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "It's for You"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Horse Study IV"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Presently"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Night Lights"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Nightstand"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Laugh"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "Joy"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's "First Kiss"
Anita Winter
Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Standing Tall"Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Change Is Coming"Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Autumn Pressure"Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Around the Bend"Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Indian Summer"
Thumbnail of Sherrie York's "Falling"Thumbnail of Sherrie York's "Resting"Thumbnail of Sherrie York's "Ring Necked Duck"Thumbnail of Sherrie York's "Wired"
Ed Zorensky
Thumbnail of Ed Zorensky's "At the Lightkeeper's House"Thumbnail of Ed Zorensky's "Marshall Light Afternoon"Thumbnail of Ed Zorensky's "Pike Forest Dusk"Thumbnail of Ed Zorensky's "Pike Forest in Winter"Thumbnail of Ed Zorensky's "Winter Afternoon Foothills"