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18th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show

Dec 5 - Dec 31

Opening Reception:
Fri, Dec 5, 5-9pm

Zoa Ace | "Pipe Dream"Dan Beck | "Spring"Dan Beck | "Old Timer"Dan Beck | "Green Jacket"Dan Beck | "Socks"Dan Beck | "Artist's Table"

Dan Beck | "Pears on Red"Dan Beck | "Talking Scissors"Dan Beck | "Changing Season"Eve Childs | "Best Eve Arroyo Seco"Eve Childs | "Best Eve Nearby"Jennifer Brigham | "Mama Bird I"

Nancy Condit | "Amour"Marin Dobson | "Jubilee II"Marin Dobson | "Garden Highlights"Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Cup and Saucer"Kim English | "Charleston"Kim English | "Sunday Snow"

Bruce A. Gómez | "Coco"Bruce A. Gómez | "Humming"Bruce A. Gómez | "St. Asisi, Taos"Bruce A. Gómez | "Sunflower"Bruce A. Gómez | "Ten Below"Bruce A. Gómez | "Triton with Shell and War Pony"

Bruce A. Gómez | "Wilson Summit"David Harms | "Aspens on Tuesday"David Harms | "Calm Colorado Evening"John K Harrel | "Parade of Color"Jeanne Hougen | "Little Farmhouse"Andree Hudson | "Up Front I"

Andree Hudson | "Up Front II"Nicole Hyde | "Untitled"Nicole Hyde | "Edge of the Marsh"Nicole Hyde | "The Golden Hour"Aleksey & Olga Ivanov | "Fine Measurements"Aleksey & Olga Ivanov | "Naked Orange"

Aleksey & Olga Ivanov | "Queen of the Winter"Olga Karpeisky | "Dragon Sensor"Olga Karpeisky | "Lemon Chinese Bowl and Barberry Twig"Ramon Kelley | "A Beautiful Spanish Girl"Ramon Kelley | "At the Beach"Ramon Kelley | "Indian Woman Santa Clara"

Ramon Kelley | "Nude on Blue"Ramon Kelley | "Old Luke"Ramon Kelley | "White Beard"Terrie Lombardi | "A Delicate Balance"Kit Hevron Mahoney | "A Day at the Museum"Skye Mason | "The Boats of Sanary France"

Skye Mason | "Venice"Jennifer McChristian | "Hatch's Market"Jennifer McChristian | "Looking for Respite"Jennifer McChristian | "Old Bunker Lamp"Jennifer McChristian | "Quiescent Summer"Jennifer McChristian | "Under the 110"

Peggy McGivern | "Motown Building I"Peggy McGivern | "Motown Building II"Carolyn Miller | "Indian Paint Brush"Anita Mosher | "Holly"Mikael Olson | "Untitled"Mikael Olson | "Iron Pool"

Mikael Olson | "Moth"Mikael Olson | "Organic Bands"Mikael Olson | "Tree"Mikael Olson | "Useless Product"Tammi Otis | "Dejon's Hippy Girl"Tammi Otis | "Dizzy"

Tammi Otis | "Flight from Madness"Tammi Otis | "Leaning Away"Tammi Otis | "Suspension of Disbelief"John David Phillips | "Mid-Winter Bright"Peggy Ray | "Lotus 1"Connie Renner | "Shrimp Boil"

Connie Renner | "Adjustment"Connie Renner | "Beer Garden"Connie Renner | "Breezy Day"Connie Renner | "Considering"Connie Renner | "Drummer"Connie Renner | "Pink Roses"

Connie Renner | "What if"Elizabeth Sandia | "Old Glory"Jean Shom | "At Last"Jean Shom | "Creede Ence"Jean Shom | "Days of Red"Jean Shom | "Dream Inducers"

Jean Shom | "Full of the Day"Jean Shom | "Getting to the Good Part"Jean Shom | "1 Heure Bleu"Jean Shom | "Predestined"Jean Shom | "The River Sweet"Cheryl St. John | "Tiled Rooftops"

Gary Steffen | "A Grey Day"Gary Steffen | "Blue and Green"Gary Steffen | "Breaking Light"Gary Steffen | "Cloud Formation"Gary Steffen | "Evening Silhouettes"Gary Steffen | "Filtered Light"

Gary Steffen | "Lightning Storm"Gary Steffen | "Long Horizon"Gary Steffen | "Side Barn"Gary Steffen | "Roadside Foilage"September Vhay | "Black Tail Dance"Teresa Vito | "Aqua Caliente"

Teresa Vito | "Evening Glow"Teresa Vito | "Foggy Morning"Teresa Vito | "Stop Sign"Teresa Vito | "Rooftops"Terasa Vito | "Sunset Shadows"Tiffany Williams | "Alice in N.Y.C."

Tiffany Williams | "Crosswalk"Tiffany Williams | "Gold Dress"Tiffany Williams | "In Pursuit"Tiffany Williams | "Little Ladies"Tiffany Williams | "Striped"Tiffany Williams | "Who Will Be The Lucky One"

Carolyn Anderson | "Untitled"Jim Beckner | "Before The Snow"Jim Beckner | "Downing Street"Joshua Been | "Cactus Glow"Joshua Been |"radiant Morning"Jennifer Bobola

Jennifer BobolaJennifer BobolaJennifer BobolaJennifer BrigamJennifer BrigamNorm Cable

Norm CableNorm CableHarold DeistHarold DeistHarold DeistHarold Deist

Harold DeistJohn K. HarrelJohn K. HarrelAleksey & Olga IvanovAleksey & Olga IvanovAleksey & Olga Ivanov

Aleksey & Olga IvanovRamon KelleyRamon KelleyKit Hevron MahoneyKit Hevron MahoneyKit Hevron Mahoney

Peggy McGivernPeggy McGivernPeggy McGivernPeggy McGivernPeggy McGivernPeggy McGivern

Anita MosherKaren G. MyersKaren G MyersKaren G MyersMatthew PaolettiNicholas Reti

Nicholas RetiJill SoukupJill SoukupJill SoukupRobert SpoonerLani Vlaanderen

Lani VlaanderenLani Vlaanderen