Rick Stoner

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Rick Stoner | "Slide Ride"Rick Stoner | "Skin Walker"Rick Stoner | "Mountain View"Rick Stoner | "Yellow Delicious"Rick Stoner | "Golden Stream"Rick Stoner | "Little Stream Bend"Rick Stoner | "Corn Rows"Rick Stoner | "Road to Lookout"Rick Stoner  |"Evening Field"


Rick Stoner: Oil and Pastel Still life and Landscape Artist

Rick Stoner enjoys pairing a piece of fruit and an old Navajo blanket in his still life renderings. Not surprising since he grew up with four brothers in Northern New Mexico, where he lived in a sort of oil field camp near the Jicarilla Apache reservation. The Four Corners is his home and he paints what he is from and what he knows.
Stoner’s pastoral western landscape imagery is quiet and inviting which has won him several invitations as a participating artist of the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale held annually at the National Western Stock Show in Denver.