Robert Spooner


Robert Spooner was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1956. Formerly a graphic designer, he changed careers five years ago to pursue fine art. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado with his life partner, Susan and their three cats.

Robert enjoys capturing “other people’s passions” on canvas. One recent series of paintings he completed is of culinary students pursuing their art. In the last two years, he has shifted his focus from still life and landscapes to studies that include the human figure. Ballet dancers passionately embracing in a pas de deux, the quiet figure lingering over a cup of coffee, these are the stories and emotions he finds intriguing and attempts to convey on canvas.

He prefers warmer tones to cool ones, older brushes to new. He paints with the side of his brush as well as the tip, and the dimensions of his canvas are determined by the story needing to be told. Robert works from large shapes in a scene to the small, all the time keeping his values in check. Arriving at the focal point, which in many cases may be a face, he slows down to spend more time on what he considers to be the heart of the painting or story.

In addition to painting, Robert also teaches. He finds that taking the time to verbalize what he does unconsciously on canvas helps him to define the outcome of his work.


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