Louis Recchia


Louis Recchia has been producing contemporary art in Denver for over three decades.  Over the years, his paintings have been shown in many places including the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna; the Brooklyn Museum, New York; and the Denver Art Museum.

"The central theme in my work is the question of who we are. It explores the emotions and relationships of individuals to each other as well as to society."

"The found objects in my work are used much as an anthropologist might study the artifacts of past cultures, giving insights to who these people were. The things we make, value and then discard reveal more about us than words ever could. The ubiquitous use of mirrors in my work reinforces this theme of looking at ourselves; though the image is invariably distorted and fragmented."

Selected Public and Private Collections include:  

Vance Kirkland Museum, Colorado
Cole - Taylor Bank, Chicago
Absolute Vodka, Carillon Importers, New York
California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, Ca
Kaiser Permanente, Denver
McDonald’s Corporate Office, Colorado
Denver Art Museum
Loveland Museum and Galery, Loveland, Colorado
Work on display at Abend Gallery Fine Arts.
Born in Chicago – Lives in Colorado