Louis Recchia

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Louis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis Recchia | "A Bird in the Hand"Louis Recchia | "Constellations"Louis Recchia | "Modern Masters"Louis Recchia | "Mother Nature's Child"Louis Recchia | "Meditation"Louis Recchia | "Model with Cats"Louis Recchia | "Untitled"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's | "Room with Seurats Studio"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's | "Urban Angel"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's | "Urban Zoo"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's | "Drawing on the Future"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's | "Interior with Seurat"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's | "Interior with Klimt"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's | "Interior with Seurat's Cabinet"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's "Robin with Flowers"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's "Interior with Leger Family"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's "Mocking Bird"Thumbnail of Louis Recchia's "Two Horses""Reflection""Lake Side""Realistic Lifetime""Interior with Picasso's Musicians""The Way We Were"



Louis Recchia: Contemporary American Artist

Louis Recchia is in the permanent public art collection of the Denver Art Museum, The Children’s Hospital of Denver, Kaiser Permanente and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center of Colorado. Painting contemporary art for over thirty years, Recchia has exhibited in places such as the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna, the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, California.

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