Mikael Olson

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Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Playing with Fire"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Honey Bear"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Cupcakes"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Seltzer"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Red"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Old Newspaper"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Promontory Point"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Down 16th St"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Circle Conoco"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Amber Light"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Bazaar"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Airplane"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Empire's Diner"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson | "Little Bear"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Power Grid"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Glenwood Springs"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Winfield Streak"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Shot Box Garden"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Oriental Theater"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Saloon"Thumbnail of Mikael Olson's "Dinner Rush"Mikael Olson | "Urban Peaks""Untitled"



Mikael Olson: Impasto Oil Painter

Mikael Olson paints with thick buttery brush strokes allowing textures to fill the canvas developing a shimmering vibrancy much like the early Impressionists experimentations. Olson is expressive with his paintings and the viewer has a sense he applied the paint straight from the tube. He is an urban lifestyle painter depicting contrast and similarity.

Mikael has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine’s “21 under 31” and “Artists to Watch.” Olson received a “Best of Show” award at the Art Students League of Denver. But he says the most significant artist that influenced his painting career was Andrew Wyeth. Mikael says what drew him towards Wyeth’s style was his straight forwardness.

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