Susan Dickson


Artist, poet, teacher and traveler - always the explorer, Susan has
always been drawn to the core and mystery of everything she sees.  An
artist of unusual depth and character, she searches for the soul of her
subject, and fresh ways to portray what she finds there.

Her students are challenged to follow her belief in their inherent
abilities and to see what she sees:  the artist within everyone.  Susan
has taught art in the Denver Public School district for more than 20 years,
during which she has produced portraits of many of her students.  These
pastel sketches remain on permanent exhibit.

Susan's travels have taken her throughout Europe, Asia, and South
, and, traveling the "overland route" during the late 70's, she
made her intinerant way hitchhiking through Turkey, Iran,
Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and finally to
Bangladesh where she taught English for a brief time.

Susan graduated in 1988 with a Master's degree in Education from the
University of Colorado, then continued to study art at the Art Students'
of Denver.  Her mentors and primary influences have been Quang
Ho, Ramon Kelley, David Leffel, Doug Dawson, Emmanuel Martinez and John
Linsiki.In 2005, Susan returned to Italy to study at the Florence
Academy of Art, learning techniques of the Renaissance Masters which she
incorporates into her own personal style.

She continues to study, to teach, to write and to explore, making this
world her own.

"I had the uncanny sensation that she was looking right back at me",
Susan says of the first time she remembers drawing a face as a child.
"It was the most thrilling experience.  And it still happens every time
I make a portrait".


Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado

Olinger Mortuary, Denver

Colorado State University
, Fort Collins, Colorado