Chris Saper

Headshot of Chris Saper

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Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "Michael's Rose"Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "Blue and White Ginger Jar"Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "Rosy"Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "Golden Hydrangeas"Thumbnail of Chris Saper's "American Rhapsody"

Chris Saper: Impressionistic realism, painterly still life artist, known for her powerful use of color

Nationally recognized for her expertise in painting living skin tones, Arizona artist Chris Saper has delivered almost 400 commissioned portraits since she began painting professionally in 1991. Saperís body of still life work has been described as lush, confident and lively.

“I love exploring color and value transitions that are alternately subtle and explosive”, she says. “As an artist, I’m fortunate to find beauty around me every day, and in showing you how I see, I hope that that you’ll find joy in that vision, too.”

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